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Goo Ha-ra close to being bottom naked… sexy clubber

Group Kara’s Goo Ha-ra has become the sexy clubber girl in SBS new drama “City Hunter“.

She makes her debut as an actress as bubbly Da-hye, the youngest daughter of the president. She acts with Lee Min-ho who is a MIT doctorate Lee Yoon-seong and her personal tutor and with Park Min-yeong who is the Blue House bodyguard Kim Na-na.

According to SBS on the 29th, Goo Ha-ra showed up for the shoot at a club in Seoul Gangnam wearing a very short outfit, showing off her lines.

This day’s scene was about Da-hye sneaking into a club with a friend after the lecture hiding the fact that she is a repeater. On the first day of guarding Da-hye, Na-na has no choice but to follow her into the club to protect her identity.

Goo Ha-ra wore a cute, sexy and shiny mini dress just like a twenty-year-old would. With a unique style of the zipper in the front, it’s not too fancy and looked cool with the shimmering material. So short that she almost looked bottom naked, it emphasized her legs and lines.

During the shoot that was about 2 hours long, she danced like a true Kara and managed to complete the scene with no NG. Although she was dancing in 12cm heels, she didn’t show any signs of exhaustion.

Meanwhile, “City Hunter” will be released on May 25th.

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