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Jung Yong Hwa clarifies dating rumors between himself and Goo Hara

A few images of KARA‘s Goo Hara and CN Blue‘s Yong Hwa have recently spread around the internet like wildfire.  The theory of eagle-eyed netizens was that the two were dating.  Prior to these claims, 2PM‘s Chansung was also accused of being in a romantic relationship with Hara.

Representatives cleared the rumors by explaining that Hara is a very outgoing person, thus she has many friends that are both male and female.  Chansung and Yong Hwa happen to be two of her closest friends, the representative went on to say. Chansung and Hara’s close relationship is like that of a brother and sister as they both like to casually joke and tease each other, which can easily be misconstrued by netizens thinking that the two might be dating.

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