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Korean girls bottomless fashion

Some Korean fashion that shows just how short dresses and hot pants can be. This is a collection of the ladies who are forced to do this, the singers in K-pop and other celebrities in the entertainment world are willing to go and just a few random super hot Korean girls too.

Kara member

Well no points for guessing Ga-In would be in there.

Yes, sweet and innocent looking Gu Hara really made some news with that outfit.

You think going up stairs and having to literally cover you ass might make you reconsider buying a dress that short!

This is actually called where is the bottom in the Korean fashion news outlets or magazines and they aren’t exaggerating at all.

Seo Woo

Even Soo Ji from Miss A looks like she forgot her hot pants.

Lee Ji Hye racing girl with some super short dress.

Getting a bit cheeky there girl!

A “regular” super hot uljjang girl eating ice cream and still super fit!

It’s not your imagination or an illusion, but girls are actually getting dresses that go up right around the old crouch region like they are trying to show you their panties on purpose.

Park Bom likes to show her bum too

Kim Yuna sporting the super short near bottomless look.

Not just the young ones who have to shake it but even announcers!



Hope you enjoyed and ladies get stair-mastering or doing yoga if you want to come to Korea and compete in leg off with these gals and bring your shortest dresses and skirts possible or just go bottomless.

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